Aerial Photography

Cocoa Beach Photography offers aerial photography for personal, real estate and commercial uses.


Flying from the Merritt Island, Florida airport, we can reach just about any needed location within our area just minutes after takeoff.

While so many people are using Google Earth to gain an aerial image for their personal or professional use, you might ask yourself, how old is that image?

With our aerial photographic service we can schedule the flight and process the image and in some cases, have that image back to you in less than a week.

Each flight is different and in many cases, the flight could be delayed due to weather related issues.

We can give you a price quote based on the requested need and requirements.


Are you looking for aerial photography or video services?  Cocoa Beach Photography is proud to introduce our new drone service. We have an FAA Approved / Licensed and Insured Drone Pilot available for all of your aerial imaging needs. Options include HD still images and aerial video up to 4K quality. Quotes based on the job requirements, available by appointment only.

Disclaimer: Drone operations in certain airspace(s) may require prior approval from the FAA and/ or local airports. The approval process can take up to 30 days. Please provide an address with your inquiry to expedite the approval process. 

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