Plan the Perfect Photos for Your Wedding

Some say that their wedding day was a day of such anticipation and excitement that when it finally arrived it felt like it only lasted a few minutes. Here at Cocoa Beach Photography, we know how special your wedding day will be and we want to capture the best moments of the day, so that you and your partner can relive those special moments for years to come.

When it comes to choosing a wedding photographer, it’s important to find someone who’s flexible and willing to meet your needs. Michael Howard Photography specializes in beachside, environmental and home wedding photography, and we pride ourselves on working with the couple to make sure the wedding photos are the best they can be.

Beach Wedding PhotosPackages Without Decorations

All our beachside photo packages without decorations include unlimited images – that means that you’ll have every single photo we’ve taken at the end of the day, even if we don’t think it’s a flattering snapshot of your aunt and uncle doing the chicken dance! We aren’t limited to only a few select shots. Instead we’ll work to capture as many images as possible within your time slot.

Our smallest package costs $425, and includes one hour of photography and a full resolution CD with all of the photos. Our next package costs $525, and includes one hour of photography, a 4×6 album of all photographs, as well as a full resolution CD.

We also offer two-hour packages, one for $625 which includes a CD and a 4×6 album, and one for $725 which includes a CD, 4×6 album and a DVD of your wedding images set to a song of your choosing.

If you’re not convinced that’s enough, check out our ultimate photo package: this special package offers two hours of photography, a 4×6 proof album of all photos for the bride and groom, as well as two additional identical books to be given to the families of the bride and groom, a CD of all photos, and a DVD of the photos set to music.

Additional Options

We also offer packages that include set up and decorations for beach weddings. This can allow you to enhance your beachside photos with a full backdrop – a wedding arch, floral arrangements and much more to give you the full look of a beach wedding, even if your ceremony is held elsewhere.

Let us help you have some beautiful images of this romantic time in your life with our full range of photography options. For more information about our different packages or to talk to us about what you want your wedding photos to look like, call Cocoa Beach Photography today at 321-258-7122.