How to Prepare for Cooler Weather Photography Sessions

It is hard to believe but the summer is almost over, and soon the cooler weather will take hold of the Florida landscape.

Although Cocoa Beach isn’t used to excessive temperature changes, photo sessions can be a bit different when colder weather arrives.

Here are a few tips to ensure that these cool weather shoots go off without a hitch.

Use the Weather to Your AdvantagePhotography Tips

When the cool wind hits us, we instinctively want to layer up. As a photographer, you should embrace these layers. Instead of having customers dress in a heavy coat, keep encourage them to keep warm with a light sweater, hat, long pants, etc. Help your subjects out by suggesting layers with interesting colors that will add depth to your photos.

Protect your Equipment

Although we are not dealing with ice age temperatures, you still want to make sure that your gear is up to snuff before you start taking shots. Most importantly, if your camera has been inside for a while and you bring it outside, give it some time to adjust to the temperature change and avoid any potential damage.

You also want to do a battery check before heading to the set. It is a little-known fact that colder weather affects batteries, decreasing them of juice faster than when they are in warm weather. That last thing you want is to get to your shoot and find that you have dead batteries.

Take Advantage of the Natural Light

Regardless of where you live, the winter season provides a cool mood that will elevate any picture. It is during this time that the sun stays lower in the sky, creating a less harsh and vivid color throughout the day. Depending on what or who you are shooting, you may even want to wait until the colder months to take advantage of this effect.

Knowing that your lighting might be different, be sure to go out to the scene of your shoot before your subjects arrive to scope out the scene. Put together a couple of poses, backgrounds, etc. This way you can take advantage of the scenery and ensure that your subjects don’t have to spend too much time standing in the cold.

At Cocoa Beach Photography, we know how to take the best pictures in any season. Contact us today to learn about all of the different occasions we photograph from weddings to family portraits.